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I just ran across an article on; Amazon is introducing Local Register, small businesses that sign up before october pay only 1.75% per swipe.  The reader will be credited $10 against first usage.

I have not had chance to look for further details, but they are definitely taking a run at Square, who to this point I've been quite happy with.

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so I took a quick look on Amazon's website, this intro rate is just through Dec 2015; it would go to 2.5% after that.

5 reviews out there, mixed reactions on set-up and app.

This looks really interesting and may be worth considering.

I would clarify though (from what little bit I just read) that the 1.75% only lasts until January and then it bumps up to 2.5%.  When I first read the article I thought anyone that signed up prior to January would be "grandfathered" at 1.75% for at least the foreseeable future.

I did a quick search on Amazon and they have some decent looking packages put together (card reader, Kindle, printers, etc).

Thanks for posting this.

***Updated*** Looks like Tina already posted this information while I was typing........too late.

Additional info --- It looks like you need to set up a new account.  This might not matter to many/most people but if you already have a prime account there isn't any transfer. Also, my understanding is that the $10 would refunded out of transaction fees.  Early days!

Amazon will soon be running the world. This is no surprise that they are moving into this arena. Any time in a pinch if you are in a hurry to buy something you can find it on their site. Best Buy and other large bricks and mortar stores are severely hurting because of Amazon's incursion into their business model. I'll bet they will get this put together seamlessly very soon.

Thanks for the heads up, Tina.

Amazon is a remarkable story of just plain old hard work and a great idea. All Jeff Bezos wanted to do was sell books online at a discount. He was going good and hit a bump called the economy and almost went bankrupt. He didn't whine, he didn't complain, he just worked harder.

And now look. They're giving Ebay a run for their money too. But instead of dealing with the individual companies like Ebay, you just deal with Amazon.

I left JP Morgan Chase as my merchant processor for Square in 2010 when the first launched and I have never looked back. Square has aggressively defended me in two separate charge back disputes and I won both of them. My only complaint with Square over the years was no store and forward method (offline mode) and since they introduced it earlier this year I'm quite content.

I've been using square for years too and it has been great.  Haven't had any charge backs, but I'd be interested to hear how you got them to help.  It seems impossible to contact square for support.

It is just part of their support system. I have alway received a reply within 24 hours after contacting them. I just send them a copy of the receipt with the signature. I always require a signature and I will not take a card that is not signed. I also use an iPad with a stylus which gives you a good clear signature for comparison. If the cards does not have a signature or says to ask for ID in the signature area i will not accept it. I also use the library with a description of the item somit shows on the receipt. If I am working in off line mode I use a knuckle buster as a back up and take a picture pf their drivers license with my iPad. I am big on documentation. Once the cards are processed from off line mode I shred the paper copies.

I've been with Square since the beginning. I looked into opening an account with the Amazon app, but the farther I got, they basically wanted my first born to open an account. Meaning, way too much personal info "to report to the IRS."

Sorry boys and girls at Amazon, I'm sticking with Square. It literally took less than 60 seconds to get started.

I like Square and it has so far worked great for me with no problems.

They even are developing a new card reader that will work with the embedded computer chips that credit card issuers now seem to be headed towards. The current card readers used by Square will process the cards using chips but that might change as everything else does.. I would imagine that all of the readers used by the competitors will also have a new model out to do the same before long.

I use Amazon quite a bit and have had good experiences with them...but they are the WalMart of the online buying industry and I don't like it when any one company gets entirely too large and destroys the competiton that our country was built upon.

Though I would not complain if it nudges Square at some point to reduce their rate :)
I'm sticking with square..... can you send Square a copy of the receipt w/ signature?
I use square, and have since it has been available, using an IPad 2, but do not know about how to capture the signatures. I think they go right to Square but I don't know how to find a copy of one if a dispute happens. I had a slight problem with a sale a few years ago (their fault..."small subset of charges were charged twice for an hour") but they fixed this quickly.


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