Aluminium Prints - Who prints yours?


I have my first art show coming up very soon and want to print some of my photography  on Aluminum panels in 8x10, 16x20, 2024 etc. I live in South Florida, USA.

Who prints these types of panels that's is affordable enough to sell at a craft fair?

Who would you use?

Thank You,


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  • Bay Photo. Great results. I've gone up to 60" wide and the results are simply fantastic. But they're not the only ones around. Shipping is bloody expensive everywhere so factor that in. 

  • For 16x20 and under, I use Denny Manufacturing out of Mobile, Alabama. Their Denny Novelty section handles the printing. Denny is a long established maker of photographic studio props. They are oriented toward resellers and not general public trade. You'll need to set up an account with them. I get 12x18 and 12x16 prints from them, nothing smaller. For larger prints, I use H&H Color Labs out of Missouri.


  • Bay Photo, WHCC, and others.

  • Hey Joe:

    I am writing this both as an artist and as a printer.  While aluminum prints (e.g.: Chromaluxe) do indeed offer a nice look for your art, finding them affordable is going to be a tough challenge.  The entire aluminum printing process is quite expensive requiring a pro-grade heat press, a pro-grade sublimation printer and the coated panels from someplace like Chormaluxe (and they are not cheap).

    There is an alternative product from BreathingColor called Allure.  These panels are directly printed in your Epson printer and while the panels are just as expensive as the Chromalue, there are no special inks or equipment required other than an Epson printer (the panels are too thick to fit in an HP or Canon printer).  Personally, I have heard different remarks on the quality of these panels - some people rave at them and some loath them.  YMMV

    End result, you aren't going to find them "affordable" because even the base material is not "affordable".  It's one of the main reasons why I don't (as a printer) offer them and I (as an exhibitor) don't offer them either: too expensive.

    Ron Gage
    Westland, Michigan

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