• Hello Carrie Jacobson,

    What features does the Light Dome have that the Showoff does not. I'm thinking of buying a Showoff, second choice, the finale. thank-you.

    • Hey, Suzanne, at the time I wrote that, I was having trouble fitting everything in my van. The Light Dome breaks down into much smaller parts than the Showoff. Also, I do think the light inside might be better. But I was at a windy show a couple weeks ago, and my Showoff stood up well, while Light Domes and others moved and went over. Also, I've fixed up the back of my van better, so fitting everything in is no longer an issue! 

      • Thank you for responding Carrie. I think I'll go for the Finale, only because the turnaround for the Showoff is 4 weeks or more. I think the Trimfit seems quite nice but too long to put up. Also I have the pro panels which add stability to the tent. Second choice would be the Light Dome.

  • I sold my Craft Hut to a new artist because I bought a bigger Trimline.  I'm finding Trimline a little easier to put up by myself.

  • I would imagine many are selling their pro panels to upgrade or change their appearance of the displays.

    When I was looking for a used but nice trimline tent to replace my pop up tent I would never see any available ones for one was selling. After buying my new Trimline I constantly see used ones for sale. I am not sure if some artists are quitting the business but there is certainly no shortage applying to shows.

    • Hello Mr. Greg Little. If you see any trime line canopy for sale could you shot me the information. Much appreciated
  • Panels get changed for taller ones, for two-piece ones, and sometimes new color ones. It's the ones selling tents that have my ears perked up.

    • Well, I will say that in the whole grass is greener category, I have a Showoff tent, which is a perfectly good tent, and has served me well... but I keep looking at LightDomes, and toying with the idea of changing my Showoff for a Light Dome... with features I wish my tent had. So that might explain the tent thing. 

      It's always seemed to me that ProPanels are sort of the zenith of display equipment... I have mesh panels and love them... they make my life easy and cool... but they don't have quite the punch of ProPanels, at least in my humble opinion. 

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