Hi, I am new to this group and to craft fairs. In a few weeks I'll be exhibiting my framed collages at the TN craft fair in Nashville. As a newbie, they are supplying me with a 10x10 tent which is open on all sides. I was hoping to attach Flourish soft mesh walls on which to hang my art, and I'm writing to ask if anyone has any to sell or rent. The fair people tell me that I can just tie my work with fishing wire from the tent structure. However, wind could blow it around. Does anyone have a suggestion for affordable free standing walls, or any method that would be secure, look well, and be affordable? MUCH appreciated!

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  • Hello Kendra, I am also in same situation as Marla, if possible can you please email me also the photos of wall. At sayeedsyed24@gmail.com
    Thank you and kind regards, Sayeed
  • Hi Marla I made my walls and used them for about 10 years. Very similar to what Larry is describing. I would be happy to email you some pics of them if you will send me your email address. 

    • Thank you Kendra! I'm at gratitudemarla@gmail.com

      • Just sent you an email

  • If you tie to the tent using fishing line it will look tacky and make your work look less valuable. Mesh walls is a good idea but you can also make your own temporary panels using 1x2 frame with chicken wire attached to the 1x2's. Or pick up a set of 6x2 foot grid walls. They are sold by display companies everywhere. But they are heavy, which can help stabilize the tent also. You will also need a way to get your stuff from your vehicle to your space.

    I've rented my Pro Panels to emerging artists in Pittsburgh. When I do rent the panels, I also deliver and set them up and then pick them up at the end of the event. That makes it easy for the artists.

    Larry Berman

    • Thank you Larry. I fully agree that it would be tacky and pull down the art value. If I made my own the way you suggest, would I staple the wire to the wood? I'd need legs as well since there's nothing to lean it against. I think the wire would also look poorly and that I'd need to cover it with cloth. 

      • Stapling would work but they have U shaped nails that would hold better. Check out your local Home Depot or Lowes.

        Larry Berman

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