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This is just silly, but I think this group is perfect for this.  For months I have been dreaming about toilets.  Today I googled it and have narrowed it down most likely a "need to create".  Which begs the question, do creative people dream about toilets, and what do they dream about toilets?

So I started a Facebook poll to find out.  It's only one question, and you can find it here:

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Only time I dream about toilets is after a good laxative.

I read this and thought I don't dream about toilets.  Then, I saw your choices and darn, one of them fit.

What are you going to do with all this info when you tally up the results?

I think I might be crazy, but I don't dream about toilets. BUT - I delivered a painting to a woman building an incredibly lovely, incredibly expensive new home, and she had a toilet that had sprays to wash and dry you, front and back. AND it had a heated seat. At first I thought, This is NUTS, outrageous expense to the point of obscenity... then I started to think about it.... then I read a little bit about these things.... and now, there's a bit of me that would really like one of these. So I guess I daydream a little about toilets... 

That is funny, Carrie.

Isn't it odd, how obsession works? Apparently, they have these all over Japan, and other countries, and those folks think we are primitive because we don't have them. AND they're not all that expensive. But I couldn't imagine hiring anyone to install one. I think I'd die of embarrassment. Hahahaha

My husband went to Japan last fall on business for a couple of weeks and came down with a very bad stomach bug while there. When I would talk with him via Skype, he would go on and on about the benefits of the toilets in Japan given his situation that lasted for several days! He was so impressed with them, that when he got back home, we researched them and found that you can purchase just the toilet seat itself. We now have one in our master bathroom that he installed. I have also gotten spoiled to it and find that I miss it when I travel. Go figure! Thinking of getting another for our second bathroom!

My worst nightmare about toilets is having to sit in a portable toilet at a show. I find them obnoxious just having to use one standing.

I can post the results here but so far I only have 7 votes.  At least 2 out of 7 are crazy, and 3 out of 7 DO dream about toilets lol! I need a bigger sample.


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