So I just applied for a great show in Denver, CO. I got accepted, and upon receiving the information about it, they mentioned it was an 8x8 foot space. Fortunately they provide great tents, (so I don't have to purchase another tent). but I already purchased Mesh Panels.

Is there any hope that these will work with an 8x8 foot tent? Some possible thoughts.... I could make my own stabars with wood rods (to fit 8x8 foot), and use the connectors to hold them in (not sure this will work). Then I'd have to figure out if I can wrap the sides some how.

Anyway My show is June 26th. I considered selling these (I only used them once), but don't think Pro Panels will fit in my Honda Accord (along with all my paintings).

Long story short I LOVE the Mesh panels, but need some ideas for either using them with 8x8 tent, or finding another alternative for this show. This is a GREAT location to sell at (in the heart of Denver, 16th street fair).



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  • All of the people at Flourish are always a tremendous help and they make the best products available.

    Brandy...Did the show you are doing verify that they are providing separate 8x8 tents for everyone and not just a 8x8 space? That is quite an unusual scenario.

    • yeah its a city ordinance rule. The location is on a busy pedestrian street, and the booths line the downtown mall, and they wanted more room for pedestrian walking,, and 2 feet seemed to make a difference. So they invested in buying tents for all participating vendors.   

      • Brandy,

        That is quite unusual (to my limited experience) and I would imagine it would deter a lot of artists from participating that have spent a lot of time setting up their display to work in a standard tent size. Good luck. I hope it is a great show for you.

  • Okay Awesome! Luke gave me some awesome advice. You can convert the Mesh Panels like this

    Or here is another one for ez up canopies. I can't believe they thought of all this. Great company!'_convertible_ez_up_mesh_panel.pdf 

    • That is awesome.  I was about to tell you that you wouldn't be able to do it because the panels are wider than 8'.  

    • sorry those links are broken. But if you go to,

      click on Products

      Click Mesh Panels/soft walls

      Instructions on Videos (on left hand side of screen)

      Then Mesh Panels again, and there are several options for converting there. Just sharing in case anyone needs this info as well!

  • Call us at Flourish(800-296-0049) and we'll tell you how.  

  • Will the tent space they provide have anything that will support the mesh panels and keep them from tipping over? Is their tent just a large tent with a group of artists sections divided by curtains?

    • every artist gets an 8x8 tent, so it could be supported by the tent. 

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