So, I noticed on here some really great booths set up with an ABCCanopy or an EZUP. Those are a fraction of the Trimline and they are all white and 10x010. I am wondering if we should do a few shows with a $500 easy up and some Propanels, and then invest in the Trimline? Any suggestions? Feedback is much appreciated. 


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  • Also consider a $1200 Light Dome.

    Larry Berman

  • I'd say think about the area you do shows in regards to weather. High wind will crush your easy up. Be it the wind picking it up and throwing it into your neighbors setup, or all your heavy weights slamming against the weak poles, collapsing your tent. You are promised to eventually have your booth destroyed by winds or storm. Many high quality A-list art fairs wont accept your work if you have an easy up. It's just a matter of presentation.

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