So, I noticed on here some really great booths set up with an ABCCanopy or an EZUP. Those are a fraction of the Trimline and they are all white and 10x010. I am wondering if we should do a few shows with a $500 easy up and some Propanels, and then invest in the Trimline? Any suggestions? Feedback is much appreciated. 


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  • Thanks, everyone for your replies! We decided to bite the bullet and invest in a Trimline. We LOVE IT!!! 

  • Hi David, My husband and I and our 2 sons are professional fine artists. The boys are in galleries but joined us doing fine art shows in Colorado for a few summers. We had a Trimline and they used canopies from Costco. In Edwards one year, a sudden gust of wind took the neighbor's EZup as well as our sons' twisting them and destroying a good amount of artwork. In Sarasota one year, in the middle of the night there was a micrburst that swept through the show and about 30 EZ up type tents went down around our Trimline that was still standing in the devastation with nothing damaged. If you are intending to routinely do outdoor fine art shows, consider where you are doing them. We did outdoor shows in California for years with an EZup with weights without any problems. When we added Florida for winter shows and Colorado for summer shows we bought a Trimline and we highly recommend one for those venues. Hope that helps.

    • Thank you so much! Very very helpful.

  • You can certainly do a show with a lower cost tent. Lots of EZUPs/lower priced booth setups at the major shows here in Atlanta (Dogwood, Piedmont Park, Decatur, etc) which are all juried. Go to a show/shows in your area and/or ones you are considering applying to and see what other artists have up. The shows will also tell you their booth setup requirments and I've never see "brand" of tent as one of them.

  • Also consider a $1200 Light Dome.

    Larry Berman

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