I'm planning on purchasing a Trimline tent this spring.  I'm also going to order two awnings with the corner connector for shows when we have two open sides.

54" sounds great for more coverage but that's a LOT more square footage than the 30".  I'm wondering how well the 54" awnings handle a windy day?  Do you find the 54" less welcome at shows because of how far out they extend into the travel corridor? Or if they have enough angle to shed rain without developing large pockets of water during an all-day rain? I plan on getting an 8' tent to help with additional head room for the awnings.  I assume if you get one of each you eliminate the possibility of a corner connector?

So the question is: does anybody have any experience-based advice as to which size would be more useful/ usable?   

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  • Get the 30 inch for the front and the larger awning for the back to sit under.

    Larry Berman

    • We just started with doing a few shows last year, and not any big shows- so most of the time we had another tent behind us.  But some shows were quads, and I'm requesting corner spots in some of the others- so my vision is more of having two open connected sides to have traffic flow through the booth rather than in and out the front.  The thing I'm concerned about is whether two 54" awnings connected will be a big sail or a rain collector and I'd wish I'd gone with the 30's. Hoping to gather wisdom from those that have been there and done that before I become one with the wisdom to give advice based on my mistakes. 

      • Buy a second 30 inch awning and save the 50 inch awning for when you have room behind the booth.

        Larry Berman

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