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I currently don't have a leak (knock on wood or whatever works). However, discussion this weekend with a few artists who had leaks and the Flex Seal stuff they advertise on TV came up. They sell a tape. I was wondering if anyone had tried it on their tent?

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I have never tried it but if it  is half as good as they advertise it to be then it sure wouldn't hurt to keep a roll of the tape in your show toolbox. Wonder if it comes in white? The ad i saw showed it in black

Yeah I wondered about the color selection too.

Home Depot and Lowes carry the same product under different names. The competing product is sold under the Rustoleum name. Flex Seal is available in white so Rustoleum probably is also.

Larry Berman

Next time I see some I'm going to pick it up. I'll probably be in Home Depot or Lowes before I hit Walmart or other store with Flex Seal so will probably grab the Rustoleum product Larry mentioned. Thanks.

I used to have a leaky basic EZ Up tent but upgraded (I got a used one on this website!).  I used Rustoleum Never-wet spray on it and it never leaked in the 2 years I used it after application.  It is a clear sealant.  I got it at Home Depot.  I went a little crazy and used 2 or 3 bottles just to be on the safe side!!! 


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