Pretty in Pink fused glass

Pretty in Pink Fused Glass Pendants with 20 Inch snake chainWe know that you are very special and deserve the very best to emanate your gleaming personality. That is why we have brought you this unique, one of its kind Pretty in pink fused glass Pendants, to celebrate your individuality. This exquisitely handcrafted fused glass pendant crafted by an eminent designer will subtly make you to raise your bars and stand out from the crowd. Lift yourself up from the horde of trend followers to the premium league of trendsetters with this amazing pendant and chain. The glass used for the pendants underwent several complex processes to make sure you get the most exquisite final product – a piece of jewelry that defines your style statement above the rest.Features· The pendant is handcrafted with utmost precision and care with the finest qualities of materials needed.· The process of the toughening of a glass is complex one. First, the glass is toughened using the complex firing process with an annealing system.· The pendant is shaped with hands and its edges are worked on the grinder to finally achieve the smooth finish that ultimately goes through a fire polish in the kiln and presented to you as a glass pendant at its most enchanting shine.· The neutral colors and the simple designs make it sure that you can wear it with either a party dress or a casual get-up of varied colors. Keep experimenting.· While the pendant comes with 20 inch silver plated snake chain, you can also choose your desired length while placing your order.· A piece unique and special like this deserves no ordinary packing; that’s why it comes packaged tenderly in a tissue and finally tucked away in a pretty organza bag.This piece is designed by the designer’s most capable hands with a personalized approach. Moreover, the components selected are delicately and cautiously fabricated so that you get not just an ordinary accessory but a personal piece you will love to cherish for years to come.
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