Maryland Heights, MO

Your Medium

Pastels, Watercolors

Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

Faust Park, St. Louis, Mo.

What is your website?


What are the best things about art fairs

Meeting people and hearing people's response to my art.

Best show ever and why

Midsummer's Art Faire, Quincy, Il. Everyone was very nice, friendly and helpful. They love the artists there.

Worst show ever and why

Kirkwood, Greentree Remnants of some hurricane came through and wiped everyone out.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

Hurricane effects felt in Missouri.

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  • Aloha Lisa!

    I might just start them up again. It's been a long journey since the last one was posted. I do have some thoughts that might be useful right now. So thanks. I might just dust off my microphone. Even though it's gonna a be while before we can all go to shows, there is light at the end-of-the-tunnel and I would like to share that light.  Hope you are on my email list? If not - join here so you can get an alert.

    Thanks again for connecting. It's the best thing we can do for each other right now.

    Much Aloha! Mckenna

  • Lisa, thank you so much for supporting Art Fair Insiders during our 2015 Pledge Drive.
  • Hey Lisa,

    Here is a link to the show in Springfield: http://www.illinoisartfairdirectory.org/node/2849

    I don't know if Ed still has room, but my guess would be that he does.


  • When I questioned the Mardi Gras Inc guy about the cost, he said they thought their show was of the same quality as the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton and therefore a good deal. REALLY??? Then I asked him how they determined what was handmade and what was import & he said they could only rely on what the artists claimed. This gave me the impression that there was no jury at all. Apply, pay up, you're in. Three booths from me was a woman who bought sterling silver jewelry from someplace like Walmart and was reselling it "for a good cause". I don't think the St. Louis Art Fair would allow that, do you? The Parkway school craft fairs are more strict than CWE.

    Guess I'm still a little angry at them. ;)

    I do hope they get a new organizer and start fresh. It's a wonderful neighborhood with lots of artsy people and they deserve a good art fair.

  • No. I was so angry with them before/during/after the 2010 show. Mardi Gras Inc knows how to throw a party, but nothing about art shows. They ruined that event and there is no excuse for it. I sent them a letter saying they wouldn't be able to get quality artists anymore because of the extreme expense and all the import crap they let in. Sure enough, they had to cancel last year due to "lack of artist participation". I won't do that show in the future unless they get a real jury with real art people, lower the cost (especially for electric) and treat the artists like the stars rather than as an afterthought.

  • I think we met last year. That spring show is never as good as the fall one, sales wise. I applied again anyway because I can practically walk there and love the people at that show. I just joined the GSLAA so will volunteer to help if I don't get accepted.

  • Welcome, Lisa Marie. So glad you have joined us. I hope you will add images, ask questions and share with all of us.

    I've heard such nice things about the Midsummer Faire in Quincy. Ready to learn more about this business? This is the place.
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