Thornhill Ontario

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Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

2023 Feb McComick Center

What is your website?


What are the best things about art fairs

Meeting new clients and artist.

Best show ever and why

Oakville art in the park. If was 90 percent full of painters. So had a bigger chance of selling decent priced pieces.

Worst show ever and why

Toronto art crawl. Was more like a craft show as apposed to an art show. Had a ton of small craft items like soaps, jewelry and very little paintings. Making it hard to convince clients to make a larger purchase when 90 percent of the items on sale were under $40.00 Canadian.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

Rita from the Allen Town art fair

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I love love to experiment with painting style and equipment.