• Just think of an additional application fee for each application and it becomes clear.

  • Money, money, money. Its all about greed. 

  • Twenty is probably just a ridiculous number entered so the artist can apply as they wish with no trouble and the director won't ever have to go in to the system to fool with it.  

  • It's a feature that shows are now taking advantage of. We used to have separate profiles for different mediums or styles if we wanted to submit multiple applications to the same event. Now zapp lets us submit separate applications from a single profile. So maybe the limit should be 3, but 20 is ridiculous. What I'm seeing is that some artists are submitting multiple applications with different styles of work in the same medium but hang the show the same as they always do if they get in. So obviously they think the more applications, the more chance of getting in.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks Larry. I can understand what you mean about submitting separate apps. from a single profile. Yes, I too feel 20 is a bit MUCH!  Evanston dates which I just got...In RED says that booth fees were due in MARCH 2018, & yet they are still open to jury until tomorrow, Their other dates do not jive either...I do not want to do this, but am at a loss regarding their dates. (This USED TO be the Fountain one... Thanks in advance if you can answer my questions!

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