I usually do not complain about the vending show we go too, but this show was absolutely the worst one to date.  It was the "Isle of Eight Flag Shrimp Festival."  The website said it expected 200,000+ people over a two day weekend.  

Well, I will tell you this, there were people all over the place, but no one was spending any money for art.  Duh, this Shrimp festival.  Many of the artists I talked to said they would not be coming back.  I stopped one couple and asked them why they came to the festival and their reply was..."To eat shrimp."  Not that I would have been surprised by that answer, but I would have thought we would have made some money from it.

I would recommend that no one applies for this festival unless you are selling window paintings or selling some type of food.  One would think with a number of people there, the Brinks truck would have to follow you home.

The show was in Fernandina Beach, FL., the amount of money we spent to get there, we went in the hole almost $1000.00.

It was really sad, really sad.  Just a little heads up

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  • Well, crud! My husband and I were on the waitlist and just got in for this May 4-5, 2019. He works with watercolors and acrylics, and I design solid gold and silver jewelry with gemstones. I’ll let you know how we do. Thank you for the information. Did you have Any sales?

  • I understand.
  • Never do a show with food in the name.

    • I just did not understand with all those people...
    • In that case, most of the shows in south Louisiana would be ineligible!

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