Wind - can you ever be fully prepared?

I saw this posted on another site, just another good reminder on why we need secure booths.  However, I'm not sure we can ever be prepared for 90 mph winds.

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  • Thanks for posting this.


    I noticed in the first video near the end when it was showing the tree on the van, if you look in the upper left corner they were putting a trailer back upright…odd thing the wind it left a few tents untouched and took others. 

    All that art lost, such a shame…

    Does the insurance cover this I wonder…

    • Regarding the insurance question - all I can say is read your policy. I just rechecked ours and I am almost certain we're covered, although I am double checking with our agent just to set my mind at rest.

  • Was it a hurricane or just a shear from a storm?  Hurricanes are known in advance.  I would think that if it were a hurricane, the show would have been cancelled.


    I have been in similar situations with wind shears.  At Huffhines the past year, a storm blew through in the middle of the night with winds up to 70 mph.  Many of the artists' tents were destroyed, as well as their work.  It was a nightmare. 


    Nothing can save you with winds that strong....

    • Cindi - not sure if it was really a hurricane, from personal experience of vacationing in that area, it's always windy.  However, whether is was truly a hurricane that didn't make the national news (not very likely) or just a wind gust or wind shear or whatever the weather experts call it, it's a nightmare for the artists.  This particular report caught my eye because it was a show we had seriously considered applying to last fall before we decided to stay home this Jan/Feb.

  • I saw that too. It was reminicient of disaster victims sorting through rubble. I was amazed any of the booths survived, even a few ez ups still standing.

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