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Does anyone have information to share about the Wigwam Fine Art Festival, held in Litchfield Park, AZ in mid Feb? I haven't done the show before, am invited, and have had almost no communication from the show director (Vermillion Promotions). It's a 15 hour drive to the show and I'm curious about the level of promotion, crowd size and interest, sales, etc. The show is ranked in Sunshine Artist but something feels off. 



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  • Hi Steve,
    I've done Vermillion Promotions several shows.  All the shows turn out good, although communications are slim.  Wigwam is a beautiful venue, located in the Wigwam Resort.  More intimate with approx. 100 artists.  It's top notch when I showed.  The beautiful weather this weekend will bring out the people.  My sales were good, above average.


  • A 15 hour drive to a show you've never heard of? Huh-uh. Unless, you have a specific reason to go to that area, family, friends, research for your media, working on building a new locale where your work might sell, Something specific for you. Maybe you just need to see another part of the country. All valid reasons. To make money? I am skeptical.

    • I agree with Connie. Two days fuel, one night motel. I doubt you would be doing mid to high 4 figures in Litchfield Park, AZ. When I grew up in AZ it was "low rent by the base". Now it is just more Phoenix sprawl.  Demographics vs. prmotors: The say 100K attendance but population within 5 miles is only150K. $82.5K median income in same 5 miles. Home for Luke Air Force Base  - large miitary population; is that good for your art?  FYI this is the way this successful artist thinks. More info at: https://www.litchfieldpark.gov/747/Economic-Development


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