The event:  Contemporary Art Fair - NYC/Contemporary Craft Show - NYC
Location:  Javits Center, New York City
Date:  November 19-21, 2010
Booth fee:  $390 for a 10 x 10, larger booths available
Spaces still available

This one really has me puzzled. When you consider how much booth fees cost for most locations in the country, most quality events hovering around at least $500, it makes me wonder why this event isn't full.

Add in that it is in New York City, where "those in the know" go to buy their art (don't tell me you don't know about people who wouldn't buy art at a local art fair), at an excellent and accessible exhibition space (check out the Javits Center), with affordable accommodations nearby, and an experienced artist-friendly promoter...???

Aren't art fairs supposed to be about "business?" You add up the expenses, look at the venue, and make a guess about what it is going to cost. It seems to me that anyone who lives at least as near as Columbus, OH, could be in the City and out again for a most reasonable amount.

Here is the link for information:

Can you tell me why you haven't applied?

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  • I am not doing this show is because I have another event, that weekend, that I committed to a couple months ago. Richard has the right idea in producing a high end show in New York City, though. I hope it's a success. I don't know this, but, I'm assuming that Richard is being selective in who he lets in because he wants a really nice show.

    There is no need to be afraid to do an event in NYC. I've done a number of events in the city and have never had a problem.

    I am wondering if the $390 10' x 10' booths are in the main room, or, in another adjacent room? I looked at the layout and it wasn't totally clear.
    • Th entire show is in one hall. FYI.. the show is now filling fast.. Artist who do NOT do the circuit but seek only to be with galleries are coming on board to the extent that we will end up with 200 plus.. The jewelry category has been closed for a month.
      Frankly the entire deal would have been over and done with if I had other dates as I am running up against the Washington Craft Show, Paradise City and Gathersburg.. The high end artists have their shows.. Since there are no dates available at Javits I made the choice to do the show. And, if you take a look you will what a fine show it is.. Hey Connie,
      thanks for bringing the show to your midwest artist friends. It looks like we shall find out how it goes.. I do know this. The marketing for the show will be be substantial and
      NY is HOT !! I am opening my 4th Gallery in the city November 1.

      After NYC is over we are on to Sarasota for the American Craft Show which is now accepting fine art and has room for 10 more artists. Fabulous show, buyers who have followed the show for the 16 years is was run by the ACC until I took it last year.

      Please don't tell me that you are burnt out.. :) Oh.. I do still exhibit my work in my shows.. cheers...
      • I am interested in this show for next year possibly, is it annual? (I can't do this year due to my travel schedule). I would be available one day that weekend and would like to attend the show to check it out for next year.
  • I have this one in the back of my mind. I know it is getting close. I think it is strange they still have space if this is going to be a good show. I am familiar with this building thru wholesale friends. It is a good space. NYC is difficult with the unions for set ups. This is part of the problem for me. Not being able to use a dolly or even an electric drill makes it tough when you need to set up your own display. I would definetly need another person to help me at least carry my stuff from my van to my space. I am also concerned about the location of the cheap seats. It doesn't matter how many buyers attend if the traffic flow doesn't come by my booth. I would need about 2k to do this show. If I can get another artist friend to get a space and we go together I am in. I figured it would be closer to1k if I could share expenses besides booth this way. The problem is my artist friends are more artists then business minded so it is difficult for them to come up with 1k ;)
    • Why don't you contact them and ask these questions, Melanie? Richard is very accessible and has the answers, 800-834-9437. You will be surprised at how much information you can get. He has been an artist and done art fairs forever and knows how you are feeling and has taken that information into account in putting this together.
      • Thanks Connie. I was planning on doing that today ;) It helps to have a name instead of just a phone number.
    • I don't think Connie's post had anything to do with the show still having spaces. I think it's a reminder that the show is still open taking applications.

      None of these shows are juried by check so the fact that a show may have gotten as many applications as spaces doesn't mean anything until the application deadline and the jurying to choose who will be accepted.

      Larry Berman
      Digital Jury Services
      • Larry.. good point.. We have 116 craft artists and 60 fines artists...

        The quality is very high.. I think that everyone should look at the two sites.

        americancraftshownyc and contemporaryaryfairnyc.. It is pretty amazing to me that there are 150 or so Vendor/artists paying $2500 to be in the " One of A Kind Show " in NYC.. Which of course has nothing to do with work being classified as OAK!

      • That may be. But, actually in this case the show the deadline is past and the show has extended it to accept more applications . The question is why. Very high standards or something else? They indeed may have gotten many applications that they have rejected, but they are still looking for qualified applicants not just any artist. But I think the answer to Connie's question in this case may be the location. New York is a double edge sword. Good for some things, bad for others.

        Peter - they are accepting photographers or at least that is a category on their application.
        • Maybe Richard is having a difficult time filling the show. A great many artists may be afraid to do shows in Manhattan thinking it's either dangerous or too expensive. When I did shows in NY, I used to stay at a Red Roof near the Meadowlands Stadium in NJ on the other side of the Lincoln Tunnel. Fifteen minutes depending on the traffic.

          Larry Berman
          Digital Jury Services

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