which show to do?

great problem to have, but... Madison, Wi and Krasl, Mi shows are both on the same weekend.

I've done Madison before, had a good show 3? years ago, had to cancel last year with short notice due to family emergency (elderly parent), had alot of fun 3 years ago though, a huge show, my work stood out and it was good.

Krasl seems to be, from what I can tell, a 'more exclusive' show, smaller, bigger honor to be accepted, etc, not having actually been there, I do not know the booth layout, clients.

While I want to sell work, I also seek entry to various museums.

2 weekends later. I have the Ann Arbor (orighinal) show. And then a class in how to user spellcheck.

Anyone have thoughts on Madison vs Krasl? I can do one, the other, or none; which would be better for 'museums'?

thank you in advance for your thoughts

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  • Spell check ... ;)

    Both are definitely good. For me it would get down to economics, which will provide you with less overhead to pay? Both 2 day shows ... where to stay before, during and after. I think you're coming from Colorado so the distance between home and the shows is neglible. Lodging in St. Joe at the height of the season can be pricey, but I believe they have a patron base they work with to provide lodgings for artists which would be worth an inquiry.

    Both have good crowds and nice locations. I'd guess higher volume of sales in Madison, depending on your price points, but perhaps fewer sales in St. Joe with higher price points. St. Joe has access to Chicago buyers in addition to the locals. 

    Museums? Are you saying you are looking for museum buyers or you want to visit them? If the latter probably Madison as a university/state capital kind of town. Do do one of them ...

    • Thank you Connie, excellent points. When I did Madison  few years ago, my prices were lower, work was more simplistic and smaller. now I am doing larger pieces, which take more time, so the prices are higher. That, and cost of materials, etc. So perhaps Krasl is a 'higher end' venue; although Madison reported average sales of $8,800 per artist for 2021

      I should have clairifed: looking for museum buyers; I do contemporary abstract aluminum sculptures

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