So I cleaned up the 10x20 booth image a bit including removing my company name so as not to influence the judges.  Now I'm curious which image I should use for my show applications going forward.  I realize that some of the images are clipped on the left and far right sides.  However I do feel that this image gives a better representation of what my booth will look like in shows.

I welcome any thoughts, opinions or suggestions. Thanks 

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  • Second one can be good,it is simple and clear

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    • Thanks! I appreciate your input. Looks like I'll keep using my current booth shot.
  • I like the second photo. I think most juries like to see a 10x10 booth for judging purposes. 

    All of the light fixtures and wires in the top photo are very distracting as is the desk and chair.

    • Yeah, I thought the desk and chair may be an issue.  Though I thought that large blank space would also have been an issue.  Thanks for your input.  I know before people have commented to others that 10x10 is the standard for booth shots.  I just thought that maybe the 10x20 could be a good way to set myself apart from the crowd.

      Thanks for providing your insight.

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