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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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This thread is a riot.  Was only going to read a few questions & responses...I just kept on going & going.

One  question that I have been asked.." If I purchase more than one, can I get a discount "

 One thing is certain, the responses have been very creative and funny...artists have a great sense of humor, why else would we do what we do.

One real winner said, "Yeah, I used to be in the craft business. Its real hard. I know. Your work is really beautiful and that's all the pay your gonna get". Repeated "That's all the pay your gonna get, ha ha". I was stunned but managed to mutter something about not buying groceries with that kind of pay.

I think I may actually have "the winner"!  LOL!  Saturday's show- I'm explaining to a guy that I take several reference photos for something I'll be working on. The painting in particular, was 3 different photos that I'd combined to create the composition.  He says:

"Oh, its like Photoshopped"

Me, looking at this complete dumbass:   "Yeah, kinda like that, only with a pencil and a paint brush"


He didn't get it.


My all time favorite is:
You do custom orders-Great! Then they pick up one of my necklaces, tell me it will perfect for the wedding party- and proceed to say they need 6 matching SETS necklaces, bracelets, earrings- FOR Delivery THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY. Love it!! (I can magically produce all that 5 days, still work the day job, and meet all my familial obligations. )
Yes...and then tell you you should come down on the price, since they are giving you in essence a wholesale order! Oh, and each necklace is a 1/4" difference in length, each bracelet, etc., because all the bridesmaids are slightly different in size.  


I have ever only had One Bridal consult that went-smoothly! The rest have been trouble in rollerskates!!

Why do they never think, with all the various dress sizes, that jewelry MIGHT need to be measured and made to fit properly?

They DO tend to be a bit on edge, don't they.  I'm doing  a bridal order at the moment - we've got it mostly sorted now (after she changed her mind a few times) .  I'm waiting for her decide on studs or hooks for the earrings .... *sigh*  luckily she's still got a month till the wedding!

I particularly loved one I did- I had everything done, packaged and ready for delivery, and got this call "Oh, no- two of the bridesmaids don't have pierced ears!! Can you work with that?" Two days after deadline!! Ahh.... but what great commissions we get for it!!


Gee, all brides must be on the same wavelength.  She emailed me last night with her choice then followed up an hour later with "oops one of the braidesmaids doesn't have pierced ears"! comment.   At least she told me before her deadline :) .

I think they all assume everyone has pieced ears!! I learned,after that to keep some non pierced earring components in the studio!

I get the "how long did it take you to make this" question all the time. And I once had a woman try to bargain down a price like she was at a garage sale. I politely told her that I couldn't go any lower.

My worst experience was with  a woman who made jewelry who had a booth next to mine. The show was only moderately busy, so whenever there was down time she would wander over to neighboring booths. I make cloth dolls that I design and this woman kept telling me what she thought I should be making instead. "You should make teddy bears" "You need something that's at such-and-such price point" When I was presented with a Best in Show ribbon, that finally shut her up!

This thread is great!  I have a good one. One time a couple came into our booth on kind of a slow sunny afternoon and the woman just casually sat down right in the middle of the booth and proceeded to breast feed her baby! I was too dumbfounded to know what to say. When she was done the couple stood up and left the booth, neither of them having ever looked at anything the whole time.


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