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I had a request to finish the plain PeeWee trick saddle for a little red headed girl's Christams. "Elf Sherer" got a nice thank you note. These little girls who get Santa to make their saddles are convinced he contracts the work to his elf Mr. Sherer or so the tale goes. I finally finished #40 and 41 of the group and have started three more. On top of he saddle work the silversmith who made my 5/8" buckle sets for art show belts died last year and no one wants to make buckle sets at a reasonable wholeslae price. I've made them before and now have to tool up aghin to make my own. My first art show is Memorial Day weekend at Estes Park, CO.

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  • Show me the saddles, Richard!

    • They were up and now they are gone. The last picture went to the little girl. I think I passed the "elf" test, at least she thought so.  I don't know wht the first two rotated. Theybwere ok in the originalm post.  12421420697?profile=RESIZE_930x12421421297?profile=RESIZE_930x12421421862?profile=RESIZE_584x12421422694?profile=RESIZE_930x

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