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Some sort of malaise is setting in here for me. Not sure where it came from. After watching the presidential debates again last night I don't even want to hear any more news today, and I'm a bit of a news junkie. Is it just the continuous finger-pointing and arguing? A friend suggested Welbrutin after I complained about a bunch of things, not related to the election.

A regular contributor on AFI sounded very crabby the other day, for good reason. What do you do to keep your spirits up and looking forward?

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Too funny. You described exactly how I feel today after watching the debate (street fight) last night. I too am a bit of a news junkie ... and ... right now ... I just do not want to hear anymore.

As to keeping going ... hmmmmmmmmmmmm? It is not that "I" do anything. I honestly believe that God puts the right people in my path ..., at the right time ... to keep me going. My husband jokes that I have "Mother Confessor" written on my forehead.

It seems that every single time I start to get down about sales, or when I get tired, or whatever ... something happens in a spiritual sense that lifts my spirits and tells me in no uncertain terms that I need to keep going. 

At the last show several of these special events happened to me. The show was good in monetary terms. The payoff in spiritual terms was fantastic.


Oh no, I gave in am listening to "The Political Junkie" on NPR right now. Must be feeling better, maybe because I went to the gym for a workout.


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