I usually bring whatever is handy or canned soup... but I'm curious does anyone have something interesting that they just keep at the ready to bring to hotels when they have to travel?

I'm thinking of making a "go bag" for food that I just always have ready so I'm not left relying on junk fast food. As much as I like some junk food, I found myself eating it for sustenance rather than enjoyment and that is not good for me!


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  • I just looked at some different sizes of Yeti Ice chests for taking to shows If a hotel does have a fridge.. I will leave the chest in my van to have at the show. They keep ice for easily a week and work very good with the frozen blue geel packs also. Some have top trays that help keep directly off the ice. They are not cheap but seem to be the best especially for an ice chest that would get so very much use. 

    My Igloo ice chest just doesn't keep ice for an entire show and I got tired of having to make ice trips to replace the melted ice.

    • My local feed store has the Yeti coolers--probably aimed at people who go to horse shows.  They look amazing--you're right about the price, but maybe if my little fridge bites the dust, I'll consider one.  Thanks!

  • I have a little portable cooler/warmer that plugs into my car or, with an adapter, plugs into household current.  It's about 2-feet cubed, so it takes up some space, but if I stock it with the water and food that I'm taking, some of the space is displaced. It's got to be 6-7 years old and has been used pretty regularly. It really is tough to do the food thing, but bulk almonds, yogurt and apples will keep me going until after the show if all else fails.  I just discovered Noodles & Company--tho I hear they can vary widely, I got a penne rustica that was perfect.

  • Besides food the basic essentials unless you have suite with "full kitchen": cork screw for wine bottles, bowel, spoon, paring knife, paper plates, mug. You can do a lot with frozen meals if there is a microwave. 


    • Yeah, since we don't have that we are bringing plastic flatware for the little we need to prepare.

  • 301680976?profile=originalI always have Idaho potatoes which are easy in the microwave. I will freeze portioned pulled pork for sandwiches, corn on the cob in the microwave. I love left overs so I tend to portion things and freeze them for traveling. Left over ham is especially good. I use a food saver which is really convenient. When I am on a show tour I only eat out at a restaurant once a week.

  • I take the bagged salad mixes. I also keep cooked chicken breasts in my freezer and pack that. So most nights or even at a show you will find me eating a ceasar salad with chicken. 

  • I just got back from the grocery store.  I got a case of water, a little fruit, a box with individual packs of trail  mix, some chocolate, chips, sandwich fixings, and a carton of soft drinks.  Now I just gotta get the non-refrigerated stuff in a box.  I think I'll leave the water out of the ice chest which means we can take a smaller one that way, and still leave room for what has to go in it.

  • Gumbo in a small container and cooked rice is always a good one for me.

    Sandwiches work also.

  • I have been thinking of this the last couple of days.  We have a 3 day show and are leaving tomorrow.  Dd and I will be there Thursday for set up and the show Friday-Sunday.  Lunch is provided Thursday during set up and food vendors will be available during the show.  However it can get expensive to buy what's available at the show.  I am thinking of doing something to get through lunch then at the end of each day go get a nice supper.  We should be able to save enough by bringing lunch that it makes supper easier to afford.

    I am staying in a local motel and just called to see if my room has a fridge/micro and no, it doesn't.  That means we'll be packing an ice chest for soft drinks/water and possibly any cold snacks such as yogurt, etc. to get us through the day.

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