• Daniela, Leo has given you many good things to keep in mind when trying to decide what shows are good for you.  He also has given you the link to a blog post Ruth Finkenbiner has started about doing your homework when deciding on what shows to do.  All of that stuff is vital and will help you to be in the show that is best for you.  That is the bottom line, the show that is best for you. 

    While Art Fair Source Book mainly covers the financial aspects of shows, covers many points of interest to the artists.  You can often times see several reviews on the same show.  That gives you several points of view to ponder.  Take a look at our website and see what you think.  Look up the shows that you are interested in doing.  Now, keep in mind we are still working on the website.  So, check back often.  I hope this helps you, too.

  • My best show ever was last year in Alexandria, Va. Everyone I talked to was doing well.....

    • Thank you. This forum is so warm and welcoming I'm happy I joined.

    • Happy to hear that since I'm going to be there next weekend :-)

      • Good Luck !  See you there.....

  • I will tell you the list of best if you will first tell me which galaxy has a planet like our earth..I want to strike it rich by discovering it.

    All humour aside, there is an answer to your question but only you can answer it. What I consider to be the creme-de-la-creme of the eastern art shows would probably be a dismal flop for you. Are you willing to risk your business success on my opinion, a total stranger...I'm not even in the same medium as you? And what exactly are you asking for: financial success for artists in all mediums; superbly well organized with volunteer elves that even help set up tents; or shows that are primarily good for high end 2D oil painters; or shows that target the demographic market that you are most successful in... mercy! the list of criteria is endless. And then, what do you define as being the east, Maine to Florida or one day's drive from NYC.

    I am always aghast when so many on this board ask total strangers for opinions about shows. There are list out there ( that have collect data from artists (mostly financial) and have developed a top list of shows by region, BUT, I would never take that list at face value. It is a source of information that you need to include in you business decision but it is just a starting point. You also need to develop a personal network of artists, who know your work and whose opinion you value (you should be developing this at every show you do.) You should also research the area demographics of the shows that you are considering. I realize that you have two years in this business and so you might not know your best selling demographics... that comes with time...after nearly eight years I still don't get it right...but start thinking in these terms. Coast art will probably not sell in Cleveland but I know my art does. What is best for me will not be best for another artist.

    There is no magic list of best shows. The 'best' list will vary considerably from artists to artists. Collecting such data from total strangers across artistic mediums is meaningless. And to be honest, I probably wouldn't share my best list on such a public board.
    • Leo what a wonderful and thoughtful response. There are so many factors when it comes to something being a success. I guess each show truly is its own experience and while one show will be exceptional for one person another can be terrible. I have experienced that at jewelry trade shows. I like people's opinions though on what has worked for them and their personal insights.


      I think the list is great to consult with and networking with others are truly. Personal insight is crucial as well and I have already had one bad experience to learn that I will research any show I do ahead of time and look for reviews about the show itself from other artists and independent sources. I guess you live and learn to find the best.

      • Daniela, I just realized that you are new to this forum...welcome! This is a melting pot for discussions of all sorts, art related and at times not so art related. Please join in at any time. Your contributions matter.

        Now related to the topic above, you may find this post helpful. I forgot to add it in my first writing:

        Cheers, Leo

        Ack, all the typos in my first post :(
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