Big weekends continue. What will you be doing?

On my horizon, the East Lansing Art Fair, where the snowbirds will be appearing after wintering in Florida. How many of you will be there? Michael and Carol Weber, Nels Johnson and Ellen Marshall, R.C. Fulwiler? 

Also, a little farther away is the Broad Ripple Art Fair in Indianapolis. Here's some good promo on that:

BBC in Greenwich Village? Reston in Virginia? what else? 

A very sweet one day show in Marion, IA? Amdur Productions new (sort of, actually bringing back the old one) in Oakbrook, IL ... you?

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  • Just coming home from Mayfest in Tulsa. Again a pretty good show for us though we were down a little from last year
    • Pauline, I was reading online about another show in Tulsa last weekend, "Blue Domes"? Does that sound right? It was supposedly in a neighborhood adjacent to Mayfest, which in my memory, was already a pretty spread out affair.

  • I am behind on my reading/web browsing. :-)

    I did a little invitational show about an hour north of me. (Not mentioning it by name so that the person making the invitations does not get barraged with requests for next year.)  It was a good marketing opportunity and I got a very promising business relationship going with an interior designer, and networked with a couple of real estate mavens and the head of the local Chamber.  So although sales were a little disappointing, it was still a profitable weekend and I suspect I will get a fair amount of business from it.  We'll see. . .

    • Love it, Geoff. In the right place at the right time with the right work. Hope this turns into a solid stream of sales for you.

  • Just completed day 1 at Los Altos Art in the Park ( CA).  Absolutely perfect weather for an art show, not huge crowds but ones who expected quality and were willing to pay for it.

    • Sounds like perfection, Ruth. Where in CA is Los Altos?

  • I just talked to the folks at Amdur Productions in Chicago. They are "revivifying" the show at Oak Brook Mall. They can't set up until the mall closes, which translates into artists setting up in the dark and low 40's. Oh, and it is rainy too. But the weekend looks good.

    • I'm doing the last minute kind of stuff a new guy needs to do before his first show, since he doesn't really know anything, about anything, before his first show. Did everyone's hair go all the way grey before their first show? :)

      Did I mention I'm doing my first show?

      In Sylvania OH next weekend.

      • Enjoy your first show. Don't worry if you forget something, eventually you develop your own bag tricks you can't live without. Neighboring booths can typically help out with a hammer or duct tape :)
      • Are you at Maple and Main! That was my first outdoor show two years ago. But I am back this year too! Actually, Maple and Main is two weeks away...
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