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Hello everyone! I need to retire my EZ Up and love the look and convenience of mesh walls for my framed fine art photography.

And for my input in a previous discussion here, my EZ up leaked as well. Lost 8 mats in one show a few years ago--couldn't get to all the leaks in time!

Looking for a used Flourish and mesh walls around Cincinnati or Louisville areas if anyone knows anyone that is retiring from art shows and/or planning on purchasing something else.


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Here are 5 places online to look for used art fair equipment:

1) This forum has a classified section you can keep an eye on.
2) (and go to the classifieds section)
3) (go to advertise your supplies section)
4) (you can check all of the near-by areas for equipment)
5) (you never know if someone might have one for sale here)

I think that the best place to find a used set-up would be asking around at art fairs... artists tend to have a lot of contacts within the art world. (we usually need one another's support) Ask as many people as you can and I'm sure someone will come up with a contact for you.

Though I know the idea of getting a flourish canopy and display walls at a discounted price used is attractive during these tight economic times...
It's not much more to just get a new set-up that you know will work perfectly, isn't missing any parts and has a warranty.

Take care and good luck,

Charles Bingham
Actually my forum is right up there as a resource for anything art show related. It has 6,600 photographers (including other artists) on it and is very active. When I wanted to sell my van three weeks ago, It sold within an hour:

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services
Art Show Tips Blog
You might also try the "bargain basement" at

Looked for that. Where is it?

Thanks for all the great information folks! I've been checking everything out and have a couple ads posted on Craig's List Cincinnati.
I'm trying to get a used art fair section going on this site also. Every resource helps. Please post it on this site under "classifieds". The more places it is listed the better! And the wonders of the Internet--isn't it great there are all these free resources.
Hi Kendal. Just a note to look to "trade show" type outfitters. Store fixture places etc. I thought about getting pro panels for my tent and they were too pricey. I went to "Palay Display Industries, Inc" and purchased 2x6 wire grids to put up. About $17 bucks each. I will be making mesh backs for these when I get a chance to get to Harris fabric warehouse. They are sturdy,easy to hang and add weight to my Trimline. I also got the "feet" for these so if I don't set up a tent they will free stand wherever I put them. By the way I hang heavy glass platters on these and they work fine. As a matter of fact, when I was using my old EZ-UP I had more confidence in my freestanding grids in the wind than I did my tent!
Also a point I would like to make for supplies etc. for art fairs, is to look to the camping places such as Campmor etc. One can get tarps, poles and great portable tables etc. from such places


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