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KRASL art fair in St. Joseph Michigan

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  • Charles, thanks so much for all your support. It is appreciated!
  • Many thanks for your support, Charles!
  • I forgot to mention yesterday about the phones. Everybody has their preferences, I like the I Phone because of the large tabs and numbers. I just can't deal with those tiny letters and numbers on some o the other phones. I'm a big enough clutz as it is! Dann
  • Thanks for the info on pci fees. That really wouldn't be an issue anyway because the beauty of this device is that it will detect an invalid card immediately and will not complete the transaction. So you're not running the risk of accepting a bad card.Dann
  • Hi Charles, I have to plead ignorance with your question. I've never heard of a pci fee. What exactly is it.? But, I can tell you this, with GoPayment you don't have to worry about any hidden fees whatsoever. Starting this month, you can choose between the no monthly fee plan with a 1% higher rate or the $12.95 a month plan with the 1.7-3.7% rate. And that's it! No set up fee, no cancellation fee AND no contract. Tell me what type of smart phone you have and I will send you one of the new free card readers. If you go with the $12.95 a month plan you get 2 months free anyway. So you can 'test drive' it and not have any money invested except for the % rate and .30 transaction fee .I recommend the 12.95 plan if your avg. credit sales are over $1500.00 a month. You'll save money that way.

  • I remember us talking about the Traverse City Michigan Schooner Fest the weekend of 9/11, but can't remember if you had something going on. Promotor's name is Allison Beers - email is allison@eventsnorth.com
    If interested, mention that I thought your work would be an asset there.
    I'm staying at the campgrounds there - they may still have some openings.
    Have a terrific summer!
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