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Our 10th Annual Pledge Drive is in full swing (ending on May 30) - people pledging to help support our sites, $9000 worth of prizes awaiting the drawing, and we want to thank everyone who has pledged so far and whose names will be entered in the drawing for the prizes. Will you join these generous people?


Ann Anglim, Ruchi Bartar, Jean Block, Edward Browning, Joan Brusch, Theodora Cox, Paula Dammeyer, Deborah Gunvaldsen, John Jassy, Norma Klein, Guillermo Pagan, Janet Peterson, Kristine Ritter, Barbara Scraggs, Mark Sherman, James Snively, Judith Spector, and Betty Werner


Mark Loeb, Gregory Shaull, and Pam Wiggins

Will you join early donors and help keep our websites alive and well and bringing you info and opportunities? Please click here or on the birthday cake on our site.

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As our Pledge Drive rolls on the pledges are coming in and the nice messages including this one from Jan Hubbard:

  • Hi Connie I have been receiving these pledge e-mail and I am very happy to pledge because your site is a wonderful source for artists. I am always telling my fellow artists about it. It’s great to see it growing.

I hope you'll be joining this group soon. 

Many thanks to:


Laura MacNaughton and Ina Matz


Josh Merrill, Heidi Mandich (again!), Fruitoid LLC (again!), MDM DesignZ, C.A. Kaminski, Cathleen Stephen, Amy McGovern, Cathy Henderson, Lisa Loudermilk, GRC Sign Network, Dina London, Great Crochet, Three Roosters Nursery, Myan Sorensen and Bob Briscoe

Marge Luttrell, Laurie McCourt, Marie Grussing, Delaware Auto Care, Karen OHanlon, Stephen Mineck, Brent Coulter, Ronald Graham Pamela Burgess, Susan Cherry, Room to Spare Storage, Scott Wright, Nancy Falco, Frances Hooper, Susan Kovach, Donald Michals and Woody Smith

Beachtree Designs, Allison Farkas, Tammie Everly, Christie Willcock, Susan Hohman, Layl McDill, Artwear Design, Cat Fly Designs, Dragon Lady Bling, Jenny Levernier, Elaine Davis Steele, Linda Pudlik, Jan Gussin, Marsha Slenko and Melanie Leonard


Dean Myton, Natureation, Jeanne Nuber, Sherylyn Whiddon, Dawn McDermid


Richard Sherer

Can't help sharing these kind messages.

  • Although my income is very nill right now, as I have been helping family out at this time for health reasons and a death... i still spread awareness of your site and any art fests that are nearby!

    As I would like to continue getting the emails and updates also!

    Thank you for doing such a great job on everything and keeping our world a more "artsy" kind of place ;)

Had to! Glad to! The wealth of info I have learned on your sites has been invaluable. Thank you.

Sweet!! Thanks, Scotty.

More Pledges have come in on this the last day of our Pledge Drive. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your gifts. My goal is to make sure you get your money's worth. 


Tracy Reid, Sandy Kingston, Judy Rohrbaugh, Wooden Creations, Lora Yowell, Patricia Wade, Roxanna Santoro, David Matt, Heather DeCarlo, Karen Hollister, Sue Alexander, Handcrafted Pens, Lonne Sterling, Carol Van Arkel, Tammy Wydick and Carol Knox

Kathryn Nidi-Cukier, Gail Lane, Keith Benner, Pamela Eckert, Bruce Mowry, Char Anderson, Donna Ritter, Margaret Schuning, Jackie Rose, Paula Haynes, Jean Block, Laura Soetebier, Susan Wood, Qunique Enterprises, Joseph Dowden, Missy Goldberg, Karen Metres, Sheila Lamberson and Nels Johnson

Donna Dreyer, Kathy of Padre Island Art, Betty Barrett, Patricia Falk, Sonja Jones, Joel Frader, Kathleen McKeough, Kristof Socha, Lou Ann Grover, Greg Little, Carol Bloomgarden, Sherry Salito-Forsen, Maria Wieck, Bobby Harr, Thread Sketched Quilted Art and Robin Rebeck


Candiss Cole, Ly Montells, Kristin Collier, Donald Golden, Cindy Miceli, Deborah Gunvaldsen, Lucia Friedericy, John Leben, Patty DeMaria and Mark Loeb at Integrity Shows 

Only a few minutes left to pledge, we'll be drawing the names soon for the prizes and lo and behold we just received these pledges! Thank you so very much!


Carol Bloomgarden (for the second time), Gini Barney, B. Mann, Linda Dockery, Robin Wein, La Tanya Keith, Deborah Smith, Janie Manaski, John Shoemaker, Kendra Bennett, Brass Button, Michelle Murray, S. K. Farley, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Amy Lennard, Glenn Richter, Jennifer Moffitt, Patricia Venaleck, Tai Shanghai, Peggy Wertheim, Keri Ippolito and my stalwart friend Barry Bernstein


Robert Wallis, L Z Aurand, Kimberly Moss and Rebecca Sterud


Wendy Lea, Ormamaloo and Al Scovern

And the pledges keep rolling in!


Natureation, Kristin Moger, Marla Wieck, Clay Square to Infinity, Geaux Photography, Scott Wright, Tina Noonan, and Shea Glass


Clinton Dean, Janet Muchnik, and GRC Sign Network Inc.

Many thanks!

And the pledges keep rolling in!


Natureation, Kristin Moger, Marla Wieck, Clay Squared to Infinity, Geaux Photography, Scott Wright, Tina Noonan, and Shea Glass


Clinton Dean, Janet Mucnik, and GRC Sign Network Inc.

Many thanks!

We are wrapping up the 10th Birthday Pledge Drive and don't want to miss acknowledging every single one of you!


Doug Newman, Cheryl Hewitt, Jenny Levernier, Keri Ippolito, and Cheryl Nugent


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