I am looking to buy 30" wide Pro Panels in the Northwest. Anywhere in WA, OR, ID, UT, or northern CA (Also B.C. Canada).

I am not particular on the color, I just need the 30" width size and would be able to have the 6', 7', or 8' height. 

I am able to pay cash and come grab them from any one of these states.

Let me know, and thanks!


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  • Hi Alyson,

    I am in Gig Harbor, near Tacoma and I have a full set of ProPanels for sale - see attached picture

    Please respond with a message or feel free to email me: playspace@earthlink.net

    Bob Ross


  • Hi Alyson,

    i have 9 oatmeal colored panels that form a 10x10 booth. They are six ft tall knock downs. This makes them so easy to transport and they are simple to assemble.

    I am in Northern California,about 35 miles east of Sacramento.

    I also have an EZ up tent and clip on lighting for the tops of the panels.

    Let me know if you are interested.


  • Is Las Vegas too far for you?  I have a complete set of everything in gray, used once, that I paid about $3200 for........I now have a brick and mortar gallery so I have been storing them. If you or anyone is interested, contact me at 702-403-0226 for details. text or call.  Betty

    • Are they 30" wide?

      • It might be easier for both of us if you email me directly.....dawgcr8z@aol.com  Betty

      • Yes, I have 5 panels that are 8' x 30" light grey. Plus I have 5 more tops that are 6' x30".  My work is pretty large and I wanted the height . Plus I have so much more. I kind of don't want to break the whole thing up and piece it out.........I went all out to do the whole thing right!  I haven't even tried to sell this in Las Vegas and I think it will go pretty quickly when I do advertise. You sure you want to come to Vegas?

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