I Just retired from industry and  am starting my art fair career!  I am looking for a 10 x 10 trimline canopy that's fairly close to me or that can be shipped to the St Louis area.  I've bought my propanels and have a pop up canopy coming, but I want to go with a more substantial canopy. Thanks in advance!  

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  • I dropped the price of mine to $1,000.  Like new, in Des Moines area.

  • I was able to find a canopy in Alabama and picked it up on my way home from Florida last week.  Thanks to Patrick and Beth for offering theirs, but this one was right on my way home and I couldn't pass it up!


  • I have a standard trimline for sale in Des Moines.  Has been used for 9 shows and comes with weights for $1,200.

  • I am in Kansas City. I have a Show Off Canopy I am selling. It is very similar to Trimline. 

    • Hi Beth,

      I'm in the Kansas City area and looking to get started in the art fair scene. Could you share more info about your Show Off tent? Thank you, aerinsentgeorge@gmail.com

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