Hi All!

Is anyone selling a set of Black Flex KD Pro Panels for a 10x10' booth? (would love 38.5" width instead of 30" width if possible, but interested in both). Can be 6' or 7' height!

I'm located in South Florida, so I can go pretty much pick them up anywhere between Gainesville and Miami (and east coast/west coast/central, doesn't matter!)

I'm just getting started out with more frequent shows on the art show circuit and would absolutely love to not need to rent panels for every one.

Please comment below or email me at art@opticalescapes.com if you're selling a set! Please include asking price too. 

Also interested in any sort of panel desk, grab bins, lights, etc as well!

Thanks so much!

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  • would you consider 8' kd black 10x10 booth - 9x 30"  3 x24" includes lights, bars, hangers, stiffners 

    in maryland.

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