Vintage Market Days

I am wondering if anyone here has done this show in one of their many venues.  I picked up a postcard at a resale/vintage store today with their website.  They are doing one in Louisiana and it's 3 days.  I am wondering if it's worth it, one to pass on, etc.

Click here for their website.

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  • Actually they do those here in Wichita, KS. There was one her this weekend. I have not attended nor been a vendor at one of there shows. Mainly because I do not do well in re purposed/vintage shows. I am a jeweler and talked to another jeweler who does their shows and she had nothing but great things to say about it.

  • Never heard of it. When and where is it Cindy?

    • Greg,

      They will be in Amite, LA on Oct. 21-23.  I don't know much beyond their website.  I did contact them to see if they would still have the show due to all the flooding.  They are up and running and plan to go on with the show.  Apparently the Florida Parishes Arena faired well during the flooding.  I was told there was one booth, a 10x10 that was available for my coasters.  I had to decline this time but plan on going as a shopper.  Their website for this show in southeast Louisiana is ....

      I don't know what all they will have there at the show as far as merchandise, how much will be buy/sell, etc.

  • Bumping this up to see if anyone has done one of these shows or been there as a shopper.

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