I inherited an EZ-UP Eclipse II (Pro model) tent from a previous employer. It had a blue top but otherwise was in perfect condition.

I retired my old tent, ordered a new top and walls from iCanopy.com and waited.

I got the tent top and walls, installed them to test for fit, and all was good!  I'm in business!

Until it rained.  Apparently the company completely SKIPPED the whole "water resistant" step when manufacturing this top.  There was as much rain coming through the tent top as was being repelled by it.  I had to run out during the show and buy tarps to spread over the top of the tent, and clear plastic to cover my goods -- woodwork and rain don't mix well. 

I called, left messages, emailed, and more.  ZERO response from iCanopy.  What I thought was a good deal turned out to be a complete bait and switch. 

I spent $100 on do-it-yourself waterproofing products, sprayed the tent down good several times, and had better results the last rainy show.  But still... I never should have had to do it and the company never replied. 

My summary -- use someone else for replacement tops.



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  • Thanks for letting me know... I need a new top too and have been looking around. I'm probably going to buy a whole new tent though it seems like it's a better idea.

  • I don't know if this has been mentioned, the Light Dome company makes waterproof tops for pop up canopies for $250. I would think it's the same material used for their own canopy tops that lets a lot of light in but is totally waterproof.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks Larry.  I do appreciate someone finally giving a useful reply.

  • resistant does not = waterproof! Buyer + research + due diligence = informed decision
    • I think y'all are missing the point.  The old $100 tent top didn't leak.  This one does at three times the price.

    • waterproof vinyl = waterproof.

  • Buy waterproof vinyl top and avoid all the aggravation
  • Go online (again) and get a white 10x10 plastic tarp. They're cheap. Bungee it to the underside of the scissors around the top of the frame and under the top mechanism. This is now a flat ceiling for your canopy. Any moisture from a leak or just dew lands on that tarp and saves your work. Also on a hot summer day your booth is actually cooler inside and customers stay longer.

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