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Does anyone know of some type of gloves with velcro-type gripper palms for easily carrying Propanels?

any suggestions appreciated.

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Velcro gloves, if they made them, would give you good grip, but could be a pain when trying to release them over and over again.

If I were you, I'd go to the hardware store and buy a pair of cotton garden gloves that have the embedded rubber on the finger and palm parts.

I use them in the studio to pull glass out of the box of lights and cut it to size.  If they can give me a good grip on framing glass they should give you a good grip on the Propanels.


Hi,       They make snug sport gloves that have sticky rubber palms. I bought them when I rode horses competitively. They worked great in the rain, sweat, to keep my hands from sliding on leather reins. Might work well for gripping panels too. I think the gloves were originally made for motorcycle riders too. Heavy Fabric material with sticky, rubber textured palms.   Mindy


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