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Just a heads-up to everyone that they've extended their deadline.  Got my wait list notification last week, the original deadline was March 31.  Their Zapp listing doesn't give any indication that this is an extended deadline or that they're short on a given media category.  You may want to contact them before applying.

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do you know anyone who has done this show before? I know it was in it's first year last year.  I am on the fence about doing the show. I am a jeweler. I also got into the Vail show 2 weeks earlier than Art on the Rockies. do you know anything about that show? I will either do one or the other.

I've heard that the Vail show is not good from a friend - poor sales and low traffic, not surprising in the summer for Vail.  The Art on Rockies (Edwards) is in its 2nd year this year, don't know anyone who's done it personally.  Found an OK review and a good review online (don't remember where) but decided to give it a shot since it's semi-local for me.

Thanks. That's what I thought about the other Vail show. I know the Edwards show is run by artists and a painter friend of mine did it and recommended it to me. I am not expecting gangbusters but I need  a show to go with Breckenridge (if I get in). Why are there no people in Vail in the summer? I live in Chicago. Have you ever done Beaver Creek HA? I need a show to go with the other Breckenridge show at the end of July. I did Crested Butte last year and this year I was rejected.

Nobody lives in Vail in the summer.  Vail isn't actually a town, per se - it's a resort.  It's mostly condos, time shares, hotels, and celebrity mansions that only get used a couple weeks per year.  I went to a conference there in May about 4 years ago and the only place to eat was the hotel restaurant because everything else closed up for the season.  I don't do the HA shows.  I've heard thery're not so good in CO, and they're mostly in the resorts, which are mostly vacant in the summer save for a few tourists a la Vail.  There are a few exceptions, of course. The Edwards show is in an actual town, so there's promise.  I got wait listed for Crested Butte, hoping to get called.  I'm picking up small street fairs to fill in the gaps in my schedule. Be sure to check out Colorado Artist Tour.  It's your best bet besides Zapp for CO.

So are you going to do Edwardsville if you get in off the wait list?

I emailed the Art on the Rockies show over a week ago.....with no response. I have an artist friend who the promoter saw at a show last year and "invited" to apply this year, then he got denied, and then was sent an email explaining that they were continuing to accept applications because they are looking for better quality artists. Ouch! Just not sure I want to apply....

In case anyone doing a google search comes across this discussion first, I also posted a review


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