I will be purchasing a canopy and setup for the first time, and am undecided between the Showoff Art Canopy with 3 Display panels, or the Trimline 7ft canopy with Flourish Mesh Panels. Would love to hear your opinions. The showoff has a package for $2,439 (Shipping included) and Trimline will run about $2,370 shipping not included.



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  • Hi, Jennifer - I had a Showoff for years and loved it, though there are lots and lots of parts. I set up by myself (I'm an oil painter) and it was not unusual for set-up to take three hours or more. It's worth saying that I am not a hurrier. I sold the Showoff and bought a LiteDome, and that was far easier, and somewhat faster. Fewer pieces. 

    Then, thinking I was wrapping up my show career, I sold the LiteDome and bought a EurMax. It is a faster set-up - maybe an hour and a half or so - but I truly don't like it anywhere near as much as the LiteDome. I regret selling it! 

    So when you are going around looking at shows, I'd recommend also considering a LiteDome. The inside space is lovely! 

    • Thank you! I really appreciate the information and will check them out!

  • Your work is beautiful!

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that. 

  • if you are looking to buy black mesh panels I have 3 that I am selling, barely used and in perfect condition. I have the receipt bought for 700 but willing to sell for 500 if you are interested 

    • Where are you located? 

      • oh sorry forgot to mention, Miami but will be traveling to Orlando soon so can meet there as well

        • Ah I'm in Southern California unfortunately. Thanks though!

          • Saw someone selling tent, panels and other items in California just today. Think it was Los Angeles area.

  • what type/size work do you show?

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