FOR SALE:  10 x 10 x 7' CreativeEnergies: "Finale" Canopy with all aluminum frame   / used: clean and watertight   / located in Iowa

includes:  lower cross bars  -   4 walls w/center zippers   -   2 /3' awnings   -   7 x 10' wall extension for storage   

carrying bags   -  unique ratcheting stabilizing straps   -   extra used top




PRICE: $1000

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panels sold separately in additional listing

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  • Are there extension bars for this to raise it to 9'? I may be able to pick up, I will be in Iowa soon.

    • Jonathan,

      The maximum wall height on this frame is 7'6". Getting to 9' would require a whole different configuration of both the panels and canopy walls.

      • Understood re: panels. Did not think about the canopy walls, thanks.


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