I am selling my entire booth set up and moving back to hawaii... NO MORE ART FAIRS FOR ME!! woohoo

so this is what I have

****TRIMLINE *****

- 8 ft (1 ft extension) trimline tent. only been used for about 9 months. its in great shape. it comes with  (retail $980 + shipping)

   ~two awnings ($125/each $250 total + shipping)

   ~2 sta bars ($84 retail + shipping)

   ~3 mesh bags to carry poles ($47/each retail = $141 + shipping)

   ummm... i think that's it. so retail on this is $1455 + shipping so I'd like to get $1000 for it since its basically perfect.



****black PRO PANEL-ESQUE WALLS (made by armstrong products)****

I personally think that the armstrong product walls are such a better design than propanels as the feet on propanels seem really precarious. 
I have the stackable ones that break down into like 3'x3.5' pieces or something and stack 5 into a bag that makes them easy to carry. they fit snugly in a 10x10 with 3 on each length.- same as propanels

    ~10 sets with adjustable legs (the adjustable leg design of armstrong is far superior to propanels) 9 makes a horse shoe shape so you have an extra to put in the front of a french wall.  ($170/each set = $1700 total)

    ~4 bags to hold 5 pieces each ($65/each = $260)

    ~and then i'm not positive what I have on the panel locks but i've got PLENTY - T locks, y locks, straight panel locks and corner locks which I think totals about $200 (probably way more but im just spitballin' here) and 2 bags to carry all this stuff in

total retail ~$2160  so I'd like to get $1500

here is their website



********* INDOOR OUTDOOR RUG**************

I also have a really nice indoor outdoor rug that weighs probably less than 10 lbs. its 8.5'x8.5' so it fits nicely within a booth. its also in great shape, ive had it for maybe 6 months and I havent used it when the weather was supposed to be really bad even though it dries quickly, i just didnt want to deal with it all soggy in my RV for a week (retail $160+ shipping)  I'll be happy to get $80



I also have like 8 ratchet straps and 2 -35 lb kettle bells and 2- 4 lb dumbbells for corner weights. i havent a clue retail on those but I think lots of places charge about $1/lb.  so if i could get half of that it would be cool.  ($80 for the 4) plus you can work out during the week :) psst. like any of us have time for that! and like $20 for all the straps


I also have a tall foldable directors chair, I have no clue how much it was or where I got it. if I can get $20 it would be cool.

I have 2 foldable aluminum print bins, $10/each


I have a few more shows in Texas, my last will be that paragon show in Houston on October 31-Nov 1 then I am driving to Monument colorado.  So everything will be available the beginning of november. if you are anywhere near on the way or could meet me at some point in this journey then lets talk. my number is 706 577 2550

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  • Hi Megan... I am interested in your panels and more, where are you and can I meet you? Let me know thank you.


    Mark (858)204.7900 I am in Texas.

  • Hi! Are your propanels still available? If so what color are they? I'm having trouble opening the picture! 

    I am interested in buying! email me at quinceyt52@gmail.com 

  • I am interested in the trimline. Located in Denver. Willing to split shipping/gas costs 50/50 on your way through.

  • Hi I am interested in the trimeline and the rug, I am Dallas Texas and could get it after your last show.  

  • Hi.

    I am interested in the directors chair and the print bins. Are you able to ship?

    Can you email me some pictures at dmytryp@gmail.com?


  • Would you be willing to selling the tent separately?

This reply was deleted.