10’x10’ Trim Line Display. (SOLD)
I have used this display booth for the past few years. This setup includes the following:
- 7’ walls
- Mesh panel walls
- French 3’ wall
- French 4’ wall
- Banner frame
- Full weather / Fully zippered 4 wall panels for complete weather protection.
- Vent panels on two sides
- No rips, tears, or patches.

- **Lights not included**

Total for everything is $1100


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  • Hi there, is this setup still for sale? Thank you!

  • I am very interested. I left you a message with my email. Could we talk there and exchange contact info?

    • Sent you a email.. Look forward to speaking with you. 

  • Is this set up still available? I am in Madison, WI and just put in an order for a trimline today. I could maybe cancel it if this tent is still available. 


    • Hi Stephanie,

      Yes this is still available. 😊

  • This 10'x10' setup is still available. 

  • where u located?

    • Madison, Wisconsin Neal



      • Is this still available?   I am very interested.   Would like to speak further.   email me at :  Annettectyrrell@gmail.com




This reply was deleted.