I'm getting close to buying a Sprinter, but before I commit... Any suggestions on the size? Any other suggestions about transporting a ton of tent, walls, and product? Anyone else know something I should know about deals etc? Any reason to buy/not to buy. Now or later. I drive a big pickup and trailer and they both just seem to get in the way of other artists during setup/takedown. Not to mention the mileage is less than 10 mpg. I'd rather wait until the spring when I really need it, but I'm sort of afraid the inventory will be out by then as I understand they aren't making any 2009's Any thoughts would be appreciated. -P

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  • The Sprinter is an excellent van. It's made by Mercedes and just has the Dodge nameplate on it. Also there is the Freightliner which is the same thing.

    Ford has just introduced the TRANSIT CONNECT van which is designed for micro businesses. It's compact and I looked at one and I can get all my display and canopy as well as the stock inside with no problem.
  • Check into the reviews of the engine. Heard some are having problems...but could be the older ones.
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