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This might not be the perfect place to post this... but - can't hurt. I need to either acquire or build the ultimate large-canvas-apparatus. A typical easel won't do it. So here my requirements, and a doodle of what i am thinking, looking for devils-advocates to shoot down my thinking or add/subtract based on experience:

1) needs to hold 3'x3' to 6'x5' canvases firmly, especially the thinner frames ones.

2) needs to be flexible in angle-of-attack, i.e. i need to be able to rotate canvas from vertical to 100% horizontal (most acrylic and all oils hold fast at vertical, watercolor and sumi-type inks will of course run)

3) needs to either have a lazy-sun aspect to the top portion, or have wheels (that can lock).. the wheel idea is the most practical of course.

4) top can be either framed or solid, but... this will also live on my back patio and be exposed to the elements so warping might be a factor. If I use treated outdoor rated wood it should survive several years in Texas. 

I did a 4'x3' watercolor this week on gallery canvas, which meant painting on living room floor with drop cloth (I had both knees replaced and I cant kneel for more than 15 seconds. I can sit and turn and paint, but thats awkward). 

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Hi Rick,

Might try this......


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