The Grand Secret Santa 2019 Wrap-up

Well, hasn't this been fun? Nearly 80 artists exchanged gifts from coast to coast. They have posted their thanks and images of their gifts right here:

Everyone who posts their thanks and a story about their gift is eligible to win a special prize. The best story will be chosen by an eminent judge, Cindy Lerick (acting Interim Executive Director, Saint Louis Art Fair).

The prize: a double set of coasters of tumbled travertine tile created by Cindy Welch. They are absorbent when drinks condensate and are made in a smoke-free, pet-free studio. Felt pads are placed on the bottom to help prevent scratching furniture. the winner can choose the fleur de lis design or a monogram.

Director Lerick will be choosing the winner on Jan. 21. In the meantime, be sure you have added your thanks and images to the discussion.

Is it time to say Happy New Year?

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  • I would participate if we have it, either for Christmas or the New Year.

  • Well, Do we want to do this again for 2020? Inquiring minds want to know ...

    • What about instead of a Christmas swap, have a ring in the New Year swap? And start 2021 with a gesture of good will.
    • Sure! Why not? Last year's was a blast, despite me being incarcerated, as it were, in the hospital right when it was time for me to send out my Secret Santa Surprise :-(

    • I am in favor.  It has brightened my day in the past, and I could use some brightening in this current situation.  I'd like to think that I could brighten someone else's day, too!

  • Are we going to do this again this year?  2020?  :)  I'd love to participate...

  • Drum roll please ... our esteemed judge, Cindy Lerick, Director of the Saint Louis Art Fair has chosen the winner of this year's Secret Santa gift exchange. Her mission was to read all the posts to the Secret Santa thank you discussion and choose the one that tells the best story and/or the whole package (thank you and gift) is the best.

    The winner of the double set of coasters created by member Cindy Welch is Robin Klarmann

    Honorable mention is Debbie Stillman.

    Judge's comments:

    I was intrigued with the story and amazed how she but the gift back together again. She could have thrown it out in the trash  and said “EHH I got screwed”, but she maintained the spirit of the holiday and put together to be sure her gift giver didn’t feel horrid. Kind gift receiver.


    I also like the story by Debbie Stillman, who received a scarf and up until this year, she didn’t wear scarves. She didnot put that she was a newbie in the scarf scene and behold a scarf in her favorite color was her gift. A holiday gift gone right.


    All of the gifts were amazing and I would have been honored to receive any of them. Kudos to all for a great job!

    Congrats to Robin and Debbie. Robin wins the Cindy Welch coasters and Debbie wins a copy of Mckenna Hallett's Art Seller's Guidebook, "The E's of Selling Art System."

    • Congratulations to you both, Robin and Debbie!

    • Thank you Cindy and Connie.

      • Robin, you can contact me at when you are ready to discuss your prize.  Congratulations!

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