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     I am getting ready to buy a new tent and have it narrowed down to a Trimline or a Showoff.  My sister thinks the steel framedTrimline would be better since it is heavier, but the Showoff has fewer pieces and is lighter since it is aluminum.  I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

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Melinda,  I replied to this question:  look under "Home" in the subject bar.
Ok are assuming that I am smarter than I look !  ha, ha,  :)   I am new to this site...and haven't figured out where to look.   The only "Home"  I see is at the very top of the site page...and when I go there I don't find anything.  Help?!

Hello Melinda.  I think the more durable tent is better than a lighter tent.  Tent must be durable because you never know what the weather will be like.  You have to be ready for anything!  I don't think fewer pieces is worth it.  I know setting up that tent and taking it down can be a real hassle, but a tent that can't stand up to the weather would be a bigger hassle to me.  Just a thought.  Hope that helps.

Jacki B

I agree with Jacki, just made my purchase and i went with trimeline over showoff, durability for me was more important and the parts might be smaller but at the least it is steadier when put together. Easy for me to say though for i dont have much problems with heavy weights or setup. If thats an issue for you then you can consider the showoff. Good luck.

If you have ever been anywhere and seen the cheap tents fly into the air, you know that the more durable ones are worth the extra price and work to set up. Of course, it does help if you have a guy to help with the set up.

Jacki B

I am an older woman with a Trimline and have no problem setting mine up by myself.  I have found it's not the setting up but the hauling things from my vehicle to the site that wears on me as it is heavy.  So, get a good dolly!  Also, a riser kit makes raising it by yourself much easier.  I love my Trimline.
Great. I'm looking to hire an older woman to set my Trimline up for me.

Larry Berman
     Thanks everyone for all the really helps.

Hi Melinda, just wondering how you are doing with your trimline tent? Are you happy with it? How much time does it take you to set it up?

I am considering buying one, but am worried that it's too heavy and too cumbersome to load and move (with two four-door cars).   I do have a helper and we are both healthy seniors. 

Any words of advice? 


Trim line is rock solid and breaks down into light and easy to carry pieces. Will fit easily into most vehicles.

Where are you located?

I have a used new...used 3 times Trimline and ProPanels.....not sure where you are.


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