Hi all, I wanted to offer that I have a booth set-up for rent (and possibly for sale). I live part time in Asheville, NC and part time in Charleston, SC - so this could be rented for any regional shows.
If you have ever seen someone with a SUPER TALL tent and thought- wow- this is your chance to have one:) You can hang and display so much more work!
This would be great for Spoleto or any other juried shows that requires a professional canopy. This is an extra tall booth- the tallest they offer. Included is a set of dark gray propanels with the extensions. Multiple set up options with seven 38" propanels and two 30" wide panels with the matching extension panels (30" and 38" wide respectively and 20" tall). 10'x10' Trimline with back door option and lower Stabar kit, 9' tall walls in canopy.
Three awnings- 30" frosty, 54 in. frosty, and 54" blackout - can be attached to any side. All frosty top for maximum light in the booth. Front and back vents for air flow. Was purchased new in 2019 and used twice before I stopped doing outdoor shows.
I have 16 hooks and 27 extensions (you can hang 2 or 3 extensions from a hook to hang pieces below each other on the wall). Also crossbars and the hooks for the top of the panels for stability. One set of weights, and a show chair, as well as a large propanel desk with shelves and two small pillars (I used these for business cards or sometimes placed wood across to create a small table).
Pick up or delivery from Asheville, NC - if you need a set up for your next show reach out and we will work something out!

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  • Hi! I know this is an old post. Checking to see if this set up is for sale. This would be perfect.


    • Hi Carrie_ i sold the canopy but am about to list the propanels (the tall set of gray with the extensions) -lmk if you are interested bf I list. I am in asheville, nc now! 


  • What is the asking price to purchase?

    • KEVIN- let me figure out a price... I need to sit down and see what I spent on everything as I would include all the accessories.. 

      stay tuned! 

      • Do you have a sale price on this (if its not sold yet)?

  • How much to rent this whole ensemble. I am attending my first show here in Charlotte in September. Not sure if this will be the only show or not, sort of a trial. Would rather not purchase all this until I see how it goes. Did you say you would also set up? 

    • Hi Dawn- I wasnt really planning to come and set it up- happy to give you tips on how to do so though- but if you have never set up one of these canopies you definitely need help who knows how to do it or you need to practice at home before the show.  I do not have a van to transport this set up so it would be pick up and drop off in Asheville, please email me directly and we can negotiate price if you are still interested.


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