I will be doing my 1st Art show this month for my pottery, how important is having a way to process credit cards and what recommendations do you have? I own an I phone does anyone know if that will work with an app?

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  • I've been considering getting an account with Square, but not sure if it will work with a Motorola Turbo phone. If I bring a laptop or Surface Pro, can I connect to a Square device?

  • I have an iPhone and also use intuit gopayment.  I went on ebay and purchased a Mophie at a discounted rate.  I absolutely love it.  The mophie stays with your phone at all times and also serves as a protective case.  The mophie attaches at the bottom of your phone into the charging and not the audio jack. 

    I sell jewelry and have actually been able to make a sale of jewelry right off of my body and was able to accept credit card right on the spot as my mophie is always attached to my phone.  Never have to worry about  if I have the card reader or not. 


    For me it is a "must have" for intuit and iphone users.



  • I have my email sign up list on my table.  When I type up the sale I ask them if they would like an email receipt, if yes, I ask them if they want to be on my newsletter.  If they don't want to be on my newsletter I let them type in their own email and explain that it isn't stored.  If they do want to be on the newsletter I have them write down their email address on the sign up sheet and I type it in.    If they don't want an email receipt I write one up for them in my receipt book.  I've been getting a lot more subscribers to my newsletter because I have to remember to ask with the Square.
    • Thank you. I received good advice here and now have both the square and the Intuit. The show was last Sat and Sun. I only had 1 customer that wanted to use credit and I tried the square but had a problem, just my in experience and could not get it to go thru. She paid in cash in the end. But I was like I need some practice using these things.
      • The first time I used Square I had problems also.  Come to find out it was the case on my phone.  The case does not allow the device and phone to fully connect but if I take the case off the phone, I have no problems.  Not sure if that is your issue but thought I would pass it along.
  • I to use the Square.  Never had a problem with anyone objecting to giving an email address.  They laugh when I say I need a 'digital' signature and hold up my index finger as the 'digit' to use.  The only issue I have ever had, and it didn't affect the sale, is mistyping the email address.  Followed their instructions and sent an email to support.  They fixed it in less than an hour.
  • After many years of using a knucklebuster and punching numbers in when I got home I started using Square about 3 months ago and its worked perfectly. I like the straight forward 2.75% scanned flat fee for all cards with no monthly minimums, statement fees or contract. If you don't use it you don't pay anything. Many customers are paranoid about typing in their email even though I tell them I'm not storing it. One problem was people with long nails couldn't sign but I just purchased 3 stylus' for about $5 on Buy.com that should take care of that. I have a Samsung Captivate Android and the Intel card scanner  won't work on my phone. 
  • One downside you should be aware of with square is that you cannot void the sale if the customer changes their mind or if you type in the wrong amount.  You can do a refund later on the computer at home but not right there in front of the customer.  Also, if you need to refund a partial amount (the customer decides to keep one of several items purchased or you type in too much and need to refund the difference) you cannot do this.  I accidentally hit an extra number on my phone at the last show and entered $265.09 instead of $26.50 and because I was watching the customer dig through her purse for her card, did not notice till I had already swiped it. It was very embarrassing to tell her I will take care of this later and have no way to void it right then.  Also, I could not just refund the amount over $26.50 - I had to refund the whole amount.  Now I have to contact a customer who is already ticked off with me if I want my $26.50.  I think I will just let this one go and I will definitely be switching to Intuit Gopayment.
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