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Hi Everyone!  My husband is joining me at my upcoming show and has his own booth.  He makes wooden flags on his CNC machine and hand paints/stains all of his artwork.  He put professionally styled hangers on the back.  His booth is ready to go with walls to hang, easels, etc.  The devil is in the details.  He is looking for a way to price his flags without leaving marks from a stapler, etc.  He has paper tags.  He wants each piece to be priced so customers don't get frustrated at asking for prices on each item.

How can he price his wood artwork without leaving a mark?  He is thinking he'll have to resort to jute tied to the wire on the back.  Other options?

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  • Avery removable labels #6460. I've used these on my woodwork for years...I bought mine at the local Office Depot

  • Buy an ATG pistol grip tape dispenser.  ATG tape is what framers use to affix art mats together to create a double mat.  It's very thin and peels or rolls off off easily, leaving no trace.  The dispenser might be a little pricey at first but it is a quick easy solution to what you're trying to accomplish.

    • Not sure we have that available locally.  And we are leaving early Wednesday, so I don't see how we could get it delvered is time.

  • I'm a potter, and I use a hole punch on my paper tags. When possible, I tie the tag to the piece with raffia (for example, around a mug handle, or around the neck of a jar.) If there is no way to tie it on, I use a sticker to attach it to the front. 

    • There is nothing like that to tie it to.

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