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Yesterday I was accepted/invited to attend this show.  I went onto Zapp and accepted the show.  I then replied back to the sender requesting if there were still corner booths available before I purchased.  No response and today I find on Zapp I'm declined.  I finally contacted the show through Facebook and an e-mail from their webpage contact.  I was told they changed my status to Declined because they didn't see my response concerning a corner booth.  This is because of a "Zapplication interface error."  Also they had sent out more invites than they had and they just accepted those who immediately paid.


Where is the justice in this?  Maybe it's happened to those who have been doing this for much longer.  How do we deal with it?  OK, rant over but willing to listen to wiser advise.

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Adding to the confusion is the ZAPP listing indicates today is the deadline for applications and further down it says artist notices were sent out a month ago and yesterday was the booth payment deadline. This seems to be the year they changed name and location. I think you just dodged a bullet and are better off not going to this show. It doesn't bode well with the location change and their inability to get their act together.

I had been invited off the Wait List thus the late invite.  The director contacted me today and the situation has been resolved.  Heck of a way satisfy an artist too!

Good luck at the show then. All the confusion aside, the location change is a bit worrisome. Here's hoping it goes well for you.

Hi Tim,

You should also post your response on the ZAPP forum so they don't contact the show for you and confuse the issue.

Larry Berman

Personally, this show sounds really shaky--I would not touch it, let alone participate, with a ten-foot pole.

You are going to need a lot more than good luck.


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