Has anyone done or heard anything  about the St Johns River Festival of the Arts, Sanford, FL.  May 5-6, I'm trying to decide if it is worth  going. after the disaster that was Osceola. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks A lot

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  • I don't know much about Kissimmee only what I've been reading here.  Was it a new show? 

    What I do know about St. Johns River festival is that it is a first time show. There is very good prize money, which says to me they are trying to recruit quality exhibitors; they have "art dollars" out there circulating in the community to encourage buyers. They have a boatload of sponsors and a lot of media lined up, partnerships with local media, including TV stations. 

    I just looked over their website, usually a good indicator of how the event is being put together. Most of the important pieces seem to be there. I think if I lived near and had an open weekend this would be worth the investment of time and money.

    That being said, they have paid me to do a call for artists for them -- even more evidence of their good taste  :-)

  • Hi Maritzabel, I was in the Osceola show and pulled out after saturday due to the cold weather and being exhausted holding my tent in the wind tunnel me and 2 other artist were in on the back row  I was wondering what the crowd was on sunday.

    • Hi Brian, there was less wind on Sunday and but also less people,  you did not miss any thing.  I only had 2 client on Saturday $255 and it was all for the weekend. Almost every artist that I spoke to was disappointed.

      That is why I am being cautious before paying the fee for the St Johns River

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