• Thank you Connie for the reply.  I missed that post from Lori earlier and the rooms are still available, but only King rooms.  Should have looked earlier.  I have a room at the Sleep Inn by the airport.

  • Hi Laurie -- did you do a "search" under Lori Kay's name? I found this:

    That post was from March, so who knows?

    When we did St. James, we usually stayed on the other side of the river in Indiana. It is a quick drive to the show from there and the prices were usually better. We stayed in Jeffersonville at a Ramada, but if you search Jeffersonville you'll find a bunch of hotels in that area, adjacent to 65, also lots of restaurants for after the show. 

    If you really want to do it up big, stay at the very classy Brown hotel downtown Louisville.

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